Precision Machining

Whether your machining needs are for small or large size, our team can help you.

At M.D. Precision, the latest technologies combined with the expertise and precision of our master machinists allow us to ensure perfection piece by piece, and to maintain continuously high quality.

Our specialists can accomodate your precision machining needs with our numerical control machines (CNC) and our department of conventional machinery.

M.D. Precision, a team of trusted professionals maintaining a high level of reliability and efficiency for over 40 years.

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Manufacturing processes

  • Wire Cutting

    We are able to perform complex, precise metal cutting by EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), according to the design of your components.

  • CNC Milling

    Our vertical CNC milling equipment allows us to mass produce a wide variety parts and we offer an extensive expertise in milling production.

  • Surface Grinding

    The varied ability of our grinding machines will meet your needs.