You have ideas and want to know about manufacturing feasibility and possibilities?

Our designers are there to support you, from the simplest manufacturing to the more complex. Our team is aware that this is particularly important to get precision and a high quality die, punch, jig or machine.

To ensure the constant evolution of design and computer aided manufacturing, we use powerful software and our designers possess extensive experience to help make your projects.

CAD/CAM Software

  • SolidWorks

    SolidWorks is a 3D modeler using parametric design. It generates 3 types of files related to three basic concepts: the part, assembly and drawing. These files are all related. Any change on any level whatsoever is passed to all relevant files.

  • MasterCam X6

    MasterCam is a software that let machinists design virtual parts on a computer screen and also guided computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools in the manufacture of parts.

  • Files commonly used

    STP, IGS, Parasolid, DWG, DXF, PDF, SLDPRT

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